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DOES YOUR NECK MAKE YOU LOOK OLDER? There is a way to correct this problem without invasive surgery under general anesthesia.
We have great news regarding neck rejuvenation. We no longer need extensive surgical procedures to correct mild to moderate neck contour abnormalities that occur as a consequence of the aging process. At Medilaser, Cosmetic Surgery and Vein Center, we have multiple technologies that alone or in combination provide similar outcomes to invasive surgery under general anesthesia. These procedures range from non-invasive and non-surgical minimally invasive technologies to minimally invasive surgery under local anesthesia.

neck rejuvenation procedures we offer

non-invasive rejuvenation

For patients who are not interested in surgery, our center offers non-invasive options such as laser and radiofrequency skin tightening. The former is performed with the best laser equipment today, Sciton laser technology. This is a versatile machine that provides multiple wave lengths that target different problems of the aging skin and subcutaneous tissue under the jaw. BBL Skin Tyte tightens the skin without causing tissue damage and with minimal downtime. It requires an initial set of four sessions with three to four weeks in between. For skin texture correction and further tightening, our center also offers Sciton profractional laser and full field MicroLaserPeel therapy. These are ablative laser technique that provide great skin rejuvenation with minimal downtime.

minimally invasive non-surgical technology

Medilaser, Cosmetic Surgery and Vein Center is proud to announce the introduction of ThermiRF in 2014. This amazing technique delivers radiofrequency energy right where it is needed under the skin in order to cause tissue tightening. Using local anesthesia alone, small cannulas or needles are positioned under the skin which are connected to a thermal energy generator, stimulating the tissue contraction required to reshape the jawline and neck. Thus, very specific and small areas of skin laxity can be easily treated. ThermiRF is considered the "in between" approach to treat patients who are not ready for invasive surgery but want a minimally invasive approach to treat their skin laxity. By virtue of using small needles to deliver energy under the skin, ThermiRF is sometimes referred to as injectable radiofrequency tissue tightening.

minimally invasive surgery of the neck

Two effective procedures that can be used to improve the contour of the jaw and neck are liposuction and neck silhouette lift. Medilaser, Cosmetic Surgery and Vein Center uses water assisted liposuction technology that removes subcutaneous neck fat (double chin), while simultaneously tightening the skin. Occasionally, the neck fascia needs to be stitched. If this is required, it can be done during the same operative time as liposuction. This is done under local anesthesia without the risks of general anesthesia and prolonged recovery time. There is another minimally invasive surgical procedure which is also performed under local anesthesia, the Silhouette Neck Lift. It simply consists of traditional suture material that has been safely used for orthopedic and opthomalmogic surgery for a long time. It has knots surrounded by small absorbable cones that engage loose tissue before being pulled, correcting the skin sagginess present in the neck region. This procedure is ideal for patients with turkey necks or, in combination with liposuction, for patients with double chin and loose skin.

Kybella Injections

Submental fullness, sometimes referred to as "double chin", is a common yet undertreated facial aesthetic condition. It can impact a broad range of adults, including both men and women, and be influenced by several factors such as aging, genetics and weight gain, and is often resistant to diet and exercise alone. KYBELLA (deoxycholic acid) injection is an injectable treatment that is used to improve the appearance and profile of moderate to severe fat below the chin (submental fat). This naturally-occurring molecules in the body aids in the breakdown and absorption of dietary fat. When injected into the fat beneath your chin, KYBELLA causes the destruction of fat cells. Once destroyed, those cells cannot store or accumulate fat.
neck rejuvenation
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neck rejuvenation
neck rejuvenation
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