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ARE YOUR HARD-WORKING HANDS AMONG THE FIRST PLACES TO SHOW SIGNS OF AGING? NaturalFill® Natural Hand Rejuvenation™ or fat transfer to the hands is an innovative new fat-grafting technique that uses your body's own natural fat to help your hands look years younger.
The dorsal aspect of the hand is one of the areas of the body that show the most volume reduction due to fat loss. This phenomenon reflects an aging hand that frequently causes aesthetic concerns. Autologous fat grafting of this region is easy and highly successful. This procedure is performed through one or two puncture incisions that leave no residual scars. The grafted fat blends with other structures of the dorsal hand such as veins and tendons restoring its youthful appearance. As with fat transfer to the face and other areas, the overlying skin texture improves due to biologic activity of the transplanted cells.

Fat transfer is done using a local anesthetic and mild sedation. A small surgical instrument known as a cannula is inserted into the area of fat removal. The cannula is attached to a vacuum source, which provides gentle suction to remove the emulsified fat. Modern techniques of liposuction target fat cells leaving behind a normal collagen matrix. Medilaser, Cosmetic Surgery and Vein Center introduced Body-Jet® Liposuction. This amazing technique uses pressurized water or water jet to obtain fat tissue sparing not only that remaining matrix but also the integrity of the graft adipose and stem cells. This concept renders enough cell survival that there is no need to enhance the graft with PRP (platelet rich plasma) or stem cell isolation and enrichment. As with other techniques such as vibroliposuction, fat is emulsified while simultaneously extracted. After being processed through a LipoCollector® 3 device, this fat is then ready to be grafted or transplanted.
Hand Fat Transfer — Veins Removal in Frisco, TX
Fat transfer is not new; it has been performed for decades. However, its results were suboptimal due to the poor graft survival in the past. This has changed considerably with the advent of modern liposuction techniques. Water assisted liposuction, ultrasound liposuction, power assisted liposuction and vibroliposuction are the most recently developed techniques responsible for the current success of fat transfer today. Medilaser surgeons, Drs. Robinson and Giraldo, were the first in the United States in performing liposuction using vibrating cannulas. They taught surgeons from different parts of the country this new minimal invasive technique. Today, many patients have successful procedures with long lasting transplants that give them younger looks. In an evidence based review article published in the Journal of Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery, water assisted liposuction and power assisted cannulas were found to be the best liposuction techniques available today. This translates to exceptional and consistent harvesting procedures for fat transfer.

Who are good candidates for fat transfer?

Healthy individuals who want natural volume restoration of specific areas to create a beautiful and harmonious contour. Also, patients interested in correcting areas of the body previously distorted by trauma, surgeries and earlier cosmetic procedures become excellent candidates for autologous fat grafting.

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