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DO YOU WANT TO ADD VOLUME TO OR ENHANCE YOUR BREASTS? Breast augmentation surgery with implants may be the right choice for you.
There is no question that adding volume to the breast invariably beautifies it. Human aesthetics broadly entails curved lines that flow harmonically throughout the entire body. Breast and buttocks are the quintessential parts of the female body where this rule is revealed. Indeed, a beautiful breast is full in its upper pole and effortlessly curved in its lower pole. These lines of beauty are found in fit and young nulliparous women. Unfortunately, significant weight loss, pregnancy and nursing often yield irreversible changes that define a new natural contour, deflated look. Yes! Full and round is natural and beautiful; but contrary to popular belief, deflated and flat is also natural. Thus, the issue is not so much to provide a natural look as to provide a beautiful look. People get hung up on natural looks without understanding aesthetics. For instance, multiparous middle aged or even young women from the banks of the Amazon River who never wore support have very droopy breasts. They cannot be considered the standard of beauty today. On the other hand, women in their 40’s, 50’s or even 60’s with artificially augmented breasts may have full upper poles and well defined convex lower poles and certainly can be considered beautiful. Breast augmentation with implants easily provides the breast with the features required to be stunning regardless the patent’s age.

today, there are two types of breast implants: saline and silicone. which one is better?

Before making any conclusions, let’s consider the following facts. First, after the moratorium in 1992, it became apparent that there is no scientific evidence connecting silicone implants and chronic auto immune diseases. Therefore, silicone implants are safe and long lasting, 10 years or more. Second, silicone implants are as soft as subcutaneous fat. This provides recipient tissues with gentle and smooth borders barely identifiable to visualization or to touch. Third, the latest generation of silicone implants is engineered in a way that it is extremely unlikely they will spontaneously leak. Manufactures guarantee their devices for the entire length of implantation time, usually 10 years. Fourth, cosmetically speaking, silicone implants add volume to the breast creating a smoother and gentler cleavage. Saline implants need to be inflated thoroughly in order to avoid ripples and irregularities. Fully inflated saline implants are strident to the eye and stiff to touch. For all these reasons Medilaser, Cosmetic Surgery and Vein Center mostly performs implant based breast augmentation using silicone devices.

where should the implant be inserted: under the mammary gland or under the pectoralis muscle?

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It all depends on the thickness of the tissue overlying the implant after its insertion. If it is thin, then under the muscle, if it is thick, then under the mammary gland or under the muscle. This is determined based on the shape of the chest and patient’s desires. Furthermore, there is a technique that places the implant under the gland inferiorly and under the muscle superiorly, dual plane. This provides the implantation with a combination of benefits from both techniques. Medilaser, Cosmetic Surgery and Vein Center mostly utilizes the dual plane technique as the main implantation technique.

where should the incision beperformed: nipple, arm pit, belly button or under the beast?

This issue is intrinsically related to the surgeon and the patient’s preference. Briefly, through the nipple, the implantation process is carried out through an incision located in the front of the breast which can be counseled with the natural irregularities of the nipple. Nevertheless, sometimes the wound healing process occur in such a way that the scar may become very obvious. Also, through this approach, glandular breast tissue has to be divided to access the pocket under the breast or under the muscle. This potentiates the exposure to a contaminated field that could affect the final outcome by a possible infection and capsular contraction. Through the arm pit, this is another potential contaminated field due to its higher concentration of bacteria than other areas of the chest except the nipple. In addition, the creation of the pocket is so poorly controlled from this position that implants in the submuscular plane requires endoscopic techniques. Through the belly button, the incision is made in the belly button, then a rod or dissector is inserted and advanced superiorly towards the breast creating a subcutaneous tunnel which allows for a tube to be inserted through. Finally, a deflated saline implant is placed in position through this tube and full saline insufflation is performed. Silicone implants cannot be deployed using this method. Finally, the inframammary approach offers easy and non-contaminated access to the pocket allows a precise deployment of the implant and provides an incision that is easily counseled. Medilaser, Cosmetic Surgery and Vein Center uses this approach to provide its patients with the best and safest technique.

i am concerned about the risks associated with general anesthesia. can breast augmentation surgery be performed under less invasive techniques such as local anesthesia?

There is no question that local anesthesia is safer than general anesthesia. In order to provide the highest safety profile related to elective cosmetic surgery, local anesthesia must be part of the equation. This basic concept results from understanding the main difference between general anesthesia and local anesthesia. The former, puts patients to sleep into a state of “coma” requiring assisted breathing through a ventilator (artificial breathing machine). In order to tolerate such an invasive device, the patient has to be fully paralyzed with medications that blunt spontaneous movements. Therefore, patients are not only comatose but also completely paralyzed. On the other hand, the latter local anesthesia plus oral sedation, is a technique where patients are set into a sleep to snore while the surgical area is numbed to allow its dissection and manipulation. The amount of sedation is determined by the patient’s response to initial doses and to their absorption rate through the intestine. This allows the body to achieve gentle peak levels of medications necessary to achieve clinical sedation without the abrupt peaks of intravenous techniques. This is one of the reasons Medilaser, Cosmetic Surgery and Vein Center has such a high safety record where no emergencies have been reported. Furthermore, patients quickly recover from surgery without enduring the effects related to the reversal from general anesthesia: severe pain, rigors, nausea, hypothermia (low body temperature), weakness and poor inspiratory effort (potential reintubation). In recovery room, after their breast surgeries, our patients rest comfortably and are able to move their arms to a full range without added pain. Thus, patients can be discharged without the necessity to be admitted overnight for further management. Nevertheless, patients are required to return to their first post-operative visit after one or two days.

who are good candidates for a breast implants?

Healthy individuals who want to enhance the shape and size of their breast and have realistic expectations are probably a good candidate for the procedure.

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