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Fat extraction to enhance the shape and contour of the body is one of the most common cosmetic surgical procedures performed worldwide. Since the early 1980's, fat extraction or liposuction has undergone several advances making it safer, more efficient and more affordable. Safety has become the landmark standard of surgical care today. Liposuction has a proven record of safety; only when it is performed according to strict surgical principles applied to patient selection, pre/post procedure care and operative technique. Medilaser, Cosmetic Surgery and Vein Center adheres to the highest standard of cosmetic surgical care today. In order to further increase optimal results in the context of safety, we introduce the latest liposuction advances in the United States: Body-Jet® Lipo or Aqua Lipo and Vibroliposuction or Tickle Lipo; both performed under local anesthesia.

Because of the non-traumatic and minimal invasiveness of these techniques,
Fat Extraction — Liposuction in Frisco, TX
meaningful fat extraction under general anesthesia is no longer necessary. Furthermore, Body-Jet® Lipo and Vibroliposuction emulsify fat without destruction of surrounding tissues providing an excellent background for skin tightening. Emulsification is the breakdown of large fat globules into smaller uniformly distributed particles. These particles are simultaneous and gently aspirated, allowing surgeons to carry out the operation quickly and efficiently. Thus, our patients achieve high levels of satisfaction immediately after their surgery has been completed. “I had VASER liposuction with good results three years ago, but wanted further improvement of the muscle definition in my abdomen. Then, I underwent Body-Jet liposuction 3 months ago obtaining dramatic results at all levels: skin tightening, muscle definition, better appearance, less pain, less bruising and more rapid return to work and to the gym”, said K.S. from Dallas, Texas.

Our patients undergo their advanced liposuction surgery under local anesthesia and through tiny incisions. A physiologic solution is combined with a local anesthetic and injected under the skin to be mixed with the subcutaneous fat. The body is then sculpted by removing unwanted fat from deep and superficial compartments. Our systems ensure rapid recovery and smooth contouring with fewer risks and side effects than conventional liposuction. Body-Jet® Lipo and Vibroliposuction frequently spare the patient from undertaking more aggressive surgery such as conventional liposuction and tummy tuck. Furthermore, these techniques are so precise that they can be applied to delicate areas such as inner thighs, arms, neck, and chin. This advanced technology provides minimal down time allowing our patients to return to work in less than one week, sometimes in two or three days after surgery. “The procedure exceeded my expectations by far; within days, I looked like I did in high school,” said patient M.M. from Plano, Texas.

who are good Candidates for liposuction?

Healthy men and women who have unattractive fat accumulation in specific areas of the body, are excellent candidates for liposuction/liposculpture.

which conditions can be treated with liposuction?

Middle age women regularly accumulate subcutaneous fat in their abdomen, flanks and back, losing their hourglass appearance, regardless of strict dieting and aggressive exercise. Through Body-Jet® Lipo and Vibroliposuction, our surgeons are able to not only reach these areas for fat extraction, but also to tighten the corresponding skin, restoring the youthful feminine shape.

Young women, although frequently have great bodies, sometimes suffer from unsightly fat accumulation in their lower abdomen, love handles and hips (muffin top). Despite not being obese, these beautiful women hide their bodies due to the small rolls that sometimes show over their jeans and belts. Liposuction is the best proven method to eliminate this fat. Also, women who have excessive fat accumulation in their outer thighs (saddle bags) and inner thighs, carry an abnormal lower body contour that gives them an overweight appearance. Liposuction of the outer thighs, when performed properly, provides natural and smooth contour lines that help restore the hourglass shape of the female body.

Male liposuction is more frequently performed than once thought. Men, who have achieved good results from extensive work outs, sometimes maintain resilient adipose tissue in localized areas of the abdomen and flanks. They often request liposuction or liposculpture to further improve their physique. Due to the thickness and quality of their skin, fit men commonly achieve great liposculpture results.

Abundant fat tissue in the male breast gives a feminine appearance to their chest. This medical condition known as gynecomastia needs prompt consideration. Liposuction successfully corrects this condition restoring not only a natural masculine look, but also in many patients, reinstating their confidence.

Men and women with abnormal fat accumulation in their neck, known as double chin, undergo liposuction procedures to optimize the contour of the jaw and neck giving patients a youthful slender look.

Finally, patients who previously attained sub-optimal results after tummy tuck and various liposuction procedures carried out in other facilities, greatly benefit from the application of these technologies to further improve their outcomes. We frequently perform post tummy-tuck and post conventional liposuction corrective procedures achieving dramatic results. Medilaser, Cosmetic Surgery and Vein Center has a well established program to assist patients from other states and countries.

In summary, any healthy patient who has unsightly fat accumulation is a good candidate for liposuction surgery. At Medilaser, Cosmetic Surgery and Vein Center, we are committed to providing high quality services with no complications. Historically, our patients have not needed to undergo continuous cardiac or respiratory monitoring, intravenous fluid replacement, intravenous antibiotic therapy, blood transfusions, reversion of sedatives and narcotics or exploratory surgery.

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