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MEDILASER Cosmetic Surgery and Vein Center

MEDILASER Cosmetic Surgery and Vein Center is a cosmetic surgery facility that specializes in minimally invasive procedures. The center has a record of utilizing the latest technological advances to provide the best cosmetic results. These techniques are carried out through tiny incisions, or sometimes through no incisions at all, without compromising final outcomes. The benefit of this approach is twofold: to minimize scarring and shorten downtime; and more importantly, to achieve better and more natural results. In addition, these procedures are successfully performed under local anesthesia, minimizing the risk otherwise encountered from other anesthetic techniques such as general anesthesia.

In order to minimize understandable anxiety and need for discretion, we have a dedicated team of professionals to support our patients during their pursuit of a better appearance. At MEDILASER Cosmetic Surgery and Vein Center, we believe that minimally invasive technology has dramatically improved patient satisfaction by decreasing tissue damage, pain, downtime and overall cost.