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Mar 21, 2018


“Last week I had my face resurfaced by Dr G. I trusted him, as he did my lips and they are sensational! The procedure was painless. In fact, I can't really remember anything as you are fully medicated. The next two days I looked pretty scary, but there was no pain. I was pretty swollen, but partly due to I sleep on my stomach, and you need to sleep upright, at least for the first night (I tried but...). I would recommend having this done when your husband is out of town. Men don't understand these things. At least my husband doesn't. I am one week out and although pink, the peeling is mostly gone. I cover the pink with mineral makeup. Can't wait to see the final result! I think I healed quickly from this procedure as I rinsed my face every few hours and applied Elta moisturizer, which I purchased at Medilaser. I have now switched up to using Dr Gs own HA moisturizer in the morning, and Elta at night. Highly recommend Medilaser and Dr G. I see why he is highly rated in so many reviews. Took at least 10 years off my face!”
- Kathy M., Frisco, TX on Yelp

Mar 20, 2018


“I am amazed with my results! I had my surgery a week ago and I highly recommend Dr.Giraldo. He surpassed my expectations with the quality, respect and professionalism of his work. He had the patience to listen to me and he knew how to connect with me to know the results that I needed and wanted. I am very grateful for him and his staff! Thank you for making me feel confident again.”
- Vianney Martinez on Google

Mar 20, 2018


“Dr. Giraldo is very meticulous and a true artist in his field. I am ecstatic over my results. Thanks Dr. G you're AWESOME!”
- Angela L., Celina, TX on Yelp

Mar 9, 2018


“Excellent results, world class surgeon, professional staff. I will be back”
- Greg Fergus on Facebook

Mar 6, 2018


“Dr. Giraldo is amazing! I feel like I have my life back! After having two kids my body was not how it use to be. I was able to lose some weight on my own, but still not able to achieve the result I was hoping for. After meeting with Dr. Giraldo, I decided that lipo sculpture was going to be what I needed to give me the look I wanted. What I loved most was that he wants to enhance natural beauty. None of the results looked "fake" or like work had been done to the patients. He was also very honest about the procedure, and the amount of work that I would need to do on my end to get the results and have them last. I am very happy with the results of the procedure and the service his clinic has provided. His years of experience and professionalism are evident the moment you walk into his office and have a conversation with him. he truly has his patients' best interest at heart. I definitely recommend Dr. Giraldo to anyone who is looking for an experienced doctor that provides first class care.”
- Brittany B. on Yelp

Feb 27, 2018


“I recently had the Silhouette Lift and I can’t tell you how awesome it looks. I have been completely satisfied with everything Dr. G has done for me. If you are looking for a great Dr! L@@k no further!”
- Angela Logsdon on Facebook

Jan 21, 2018


“Great doctor amazing results! Very personable and flexible staff.”
- Jessica Gonzalez on Google

Jan 4, 2018


“I had the micro laser peel procedure done by Dr Giraldo. While I am happy with the results, I am estastic with what he did to my lips. He has his own method of injecting filler in the lips, and it far exceeded my expectations. I have had my lips injected for years, but never have they turned out so smooth and perfect. In fact they usually deflate the second day. Not this time, and with less filler! Definitely going back!”
- K on Google

Dec 27, 2017


“I am excited to write this testimony. First let me say I went in 2010 to a very well known Surgeon in Frisco for a mommy makeover. When I woke from surgery the scar was not at all what I expected. It was from side to side and also straight up the middle. I was shocked and upset and nobody there was at all sympathetic or tried to explain anything, It was very clear that I was just a number to that staff. The recovery was also awful and painful. Well fast forward the results left me very insecure but in 2017 I was determined to try again. I spoke to several doctors and finally when Dr. Geraldo and I spoke you could sense his love for his skill. His passion is what make me decide to use him. His staff was very warm as well. They were eager for me to feel at ease during the entire experience. Surgery day came and it was a complete different experience than before. Everybody was so nurturing, from the front desk, nurses and especially Dr. Geraldo. Recovery was unbelievable. I feel that not having gone completely under made recovery almost painless. Having had surgery before I really feared recovery but after 3 Days I didn’t feel I needed anymore pain medication. I couldn’t believe it. I was also so grateful for the after care provided. Dr. Geraldo has asked me to come in several times after to make sure the scar is healing to his liking. I really do love how he continues to care about your results and happiness with his work. Three months after my procedures I am so excited to report how much I love my results!! It is beyond my expectations! I am so glad and would recommend Dr. Geraldo to everyone! He is simply amazing!”
- M.B. from email testimonial

Dec 4, 2017


“Always before doing something or buying something for me it is very important to read the reviews, however this is the first review I am going to write and I will do it because I think it is very important that they know how I was in my tummy tuck surgery and lipo sculpture. I am a person who takes a long time to make decisions. I had gone to see 3 doctors before deciding on Dr Mauricio Giraldo. First of all he is super professional, and kind, he answered all my questions, he gave me a lot of confidence and seeing his experience, he did not hesitate a second that he would be the one who would do my surgery. I am a person who has LUPUS and rheumatoid arthritis and I was afraid to have a cosmetic surgery, Dr Mauricio had already had experience with people with Lupus and before the surgery He spoke with my rheumatologist doctor to make sure how my health condition was and That gave me even more confidence to do my surgery with him. My recovering from the surgery has been great for me so far. Right now I have only 4 days of having done the surgery and it went super well, my recovery has been very fast and I liked that you do not get the famous annoying bags of drains. Dr. Mauricio has the best in technology. I only use small absorbent pads that I did not even feel them, the small scars of the lipo are so small that they can hardly be seen and they have only passed 4 days of surgery !! the recovery is being faster than I thought. In addition, the staff is super friendly and all the time they are aware of you, in addition the clinic is very neat and clean. Today I had to go to the clinic and again the doctor answered all my questions. For me it is very important To have that doctor - patient connection! I want to thank doctor Mauricio Giraldo and his team for the professionalism and great treatment.! I would 100% recommend!!!”
- Jess M., Frisco, TX on Yelp

Nov 25, 2017


“Lipo and BBL”
“I couldn't be more thrilled with my results! Dr.Giraldo is brilliant at what he does, I was extremely impressed with his attention to detail. The surgery helped me contour my body in a way that diet and exercise couldn't. He was able to correct the stubborn areas on my body and give me an overall better shape. Dr.Giraldo is also very kind, patient and honest. He takes the time to listen to you and gives you realistic expectations. I couldn't belive my results and I'm very thankful I was able to find such a talented surgeon who I trust. I highly recommend him!”
- Self-verified patient of Dr Mauricio Giraldo on Vitals

Nov 25, 2017


“I saw Dr. Geraldo for sclerotherapy and Xiomin, a Botox alternative. I am extremely pleased with the results of both! Dr. Geraldo is patient, and answered all my questions throughly. His office staff is awesome, they are kind and efficient. I never had to wait a long time. I’ll be back!”
- Laura Davis on Google

Nov 15, 2017


“I just had a varicose vein on each leg removed. I'm completely happy with my results and healing has been easy. I recommend Dr. Giraldo at Medilaser”
- Dd V., Prosper, TX on Yelp

Oct 24, 2017


“Exceptional Results!”
“Dr. Giraldo is absolutely amazing at what he does. He explains everything thoroughly, answers any questions, is very honest, takes his time with you and makes you feel extremely comfortable. I did my research on Dr. Giraldo and I would definitely recommend him to anyone who is looking for a surgeon. His staff is extremely attentive and I am more than pleased with the surgery, recovery process as well as final results. Dr. Giraldo definitively exceeded my expectations.”
- Anonymous on Doctor.com

Sep 29, 2017


“My boobs look awesome”
“Dr. Giraldo did an awesome job with my breast augmentation. I get so many compliments on them. I had basically no boobs before the surgery and they look so natural, people who didnt know me before the surgery have no idea that they're fake.”
- Shelby C. on Doctor.com

Sep 17, 2017


“Dr Giraldo did the vnus closure on my veins! It didn't hurt at all and we were laughing the whole time! (I worked at the Pittsburgh location so we were friends). My swollen ankles and numb toes went away in 3 days!! He also did my liposuction on my upper/lower abs and love handles and I'm beyond thrilled with the results!! I worked out with a personal trainer 10 hours a week and still couldn't get a nice flat stomach contour. Lipo was my last result! After lipo I was down 8 inches and 12 lbs! Im also happy to say ive lost another 14 lbs and 4 inches because this got my on a healthier path in life!! Giraldo is an incredible doctor with an amazing bedside manner. He's so sweet and caring about his patients! He's a perfectionist and takes his time! If anyones considering getting work from him, I highly suggest going for it! You won't regret it I promise!! He will always be my go to guy for anything! I may just have to move to Tx in the future!”
- Christine Smith on Google

Jul 26, 2017


“Exceeded my expectations!”
“Dr. Giraldo provided me the confidence and trust to decide to move forward with my breast augmentation that I was dreaming about for years, but I was so afraid of due to possible complications and risks. Before, during and after this procedure I could not have asked for a better team to make me feel cared for, pamper me and be with me through the highs and lows of this process. I am so happy with the results, I love to go shopping now and I love the way I look! My confidence level is 100% higher :) Thank you Dr. Giraldo and Medilaser Team for this wonderful experience!”
- Anonymous on Doctor.com

Jun 13, 2017


“Dr. G is the best! He is very meticulous and definitive in any procedure that he does. He is amazing and you are in great hands with whatever procedure you choose.”
- Shari Day Chancellor on Facebook

Jun 2, 2017


“Skip Cool Sculpting; go to Dr. Giraldo @ Medilaser!!!

So, story short, Cool Sculpting messed me up (the place will remain unnamed)! It didn't help, and as a matter of fact, it added fat to the treated areas. No one at 'those' facilities will tell you about the possibility of negative affects. They guarantee success. Don't believe the hype folks!

My experience with Dr. Giraldo and the staff at Medilaser has been phenomenal! Dr. G is very professional, personable, and he actually cares about your goals long term. During my evaluation, he and I came up with a plan of action for my goals. I was very comfortable before, during, and after my procedure. Dr. G and his staff cared for me, and communicated w/my husband the procedure and recovery time. Get this....Dr. G called and spoke to my husband that evening to make sure I was ok, and to make sure that I was cared for at home. In addition, Dr. G called me the next day, and a few days after that. Care from your ANY doctor can't get any better that!!! My aftercare continues right now, but, we see results now. I am super happy and satisfied. You will be unhappy if you waste your money w/the Cool Sculpting first.

Here are additional reasons why you need to go to Dr. G, and NOT a Cool Sculpting facility: Cool Sculpting does not work in 1 procedure, no matter what they tell you. Cool Sculpting made my problem areas much worse. Cool Sculpting cannot 'shape' you like Dr. G can.

Medilaser, Cosmetic Surgery and Vein Center in Frisco
3110 W. Main Street, Suite 150, Frisco, TX 75033
Phone: 469-362-8665"
- Arronn S., Mineral Wells, TX on Yelp

May 8, 2017


“Tummy Tuck”
“I am a 43 year old mother of four children. I am a doctor from Brazil living with my family in Texas in support of my husband's studies here. After I had my children, my body changed a lot which left me not very happy with myself. I always had the desire to do an abdominoplasty with liposuction and dreamed of having my 20 year old body back. In Brazil, we have excellent plastic surgeons. I consulted with a few surgeons an even a had preoperative exams. But as doctor knowing the real risks of general anesthesia surgery, I became hesitant. Therefore, I always put off surgery until one day, a friend told me about Dr. Mauricio Giraldo. I asked her to make an appointment for me. I was in Brazil to work and when I arrived the next day I went to the consultation. I confess that I was thinking that it was one more query like the others and that I would become insecure and give up again. But when I met Dr. Mauricio, I felt very safe. He talked a lot with me, answered my questions in a clear and sincere way, was very professional and at the same time human and considerate. Then he surprised me even more when he said that every surgery could be done with local anesthesia, thus greatly reducing the risks of some complications during and after surgery. I left the consultation deciding to do the surgery, and I say that was the best decision. Dr. Mauricio has blessed hands, and I can say that my result was much better than if I had opted for surgery in Brazil. I did not feel anything during the procedure, and postoperatively I received a lot of care and attention from him and his team. Everything went smoothly. I'm very happy with my new body. It seems like I'm dreaming when I look in the mirror. I just have to thank Dr. Mauricio and his team. I recommend to all women who wish to have plastic surgery safely that they make an appointment to meet Dr. Mauricio since he is a very competent and humane doctor. You are sure to love the result.”
- Sheyla M. on Doctor.com

Apr 10, 2017


“No words to explain how amazing Dr. Geraldo is. His work is amazing!!! I had my Brazilian butt lift with him a month ago and the recovery process was shocking in the greatest way possible! I was out and about on my second day post op and back at work that same week. My mother also had her Brazilian surgery with him two years ago and her butt looks amazing as well. I will recommend him to plenty of others! As well as his assistants they are all amazing! They all make you feel right at home! I will be doing more surgeries with him in the next three months. :) -Y”
- Yeiny DRosario on Google+

Apr 3, 2017


“Una muy buena experiencia”
“Antes de la ciruguia tenia baja autoestima y ahora mi vida a mejorado drasticamente. EL Dr. Girlado es muy bueno y lo recomiendo porque el vela por el bienestar del paciente y no por el dinero. Desde la primera consulta el Dr. Giraldo me ha hecho sentir comoda y al 100% puedo confiar en el.”
- M.D. on Doctor.com

Mar 29, 2017


“No more wrinkles!! :)”
“A month ago I had Xeomin for the very first time. It is amazing, all of my forehead lines are gone and the wrinkles around my eyes are faded. I feel 5 years younger. I love Dr. Giraldo's technique, he does not leave you with an overdone look and crazy eye brows screaming plastic surgery, but he gives you a perfect natural younger look. I cannot express how happy I am. I totally recommend him. Dr. Giraldo is very professional and patient.”
- N.M. on Doctor.com

Feb 23, 2017


“Dr. M. Giraldo is very professional, knowledgeable and super friendly! All staff has been extremely helpful and understanding to all my questions and concerns. Excellent place and service! Wonderful results, I'm very happy and pleased on how I look now.”
- Angela Belton on Google+

Jan 30, 2017


“It has now been 4 months since I had my neck lift and I still love every minute of it! I think I look better now than when I was a teenager. Since then I have also gotten a tummy tuck with lipo and a Brazilian butt lift. I have had 3 children, so they did a number on my body. I had my surgery December 22nd. I love my new sexy body. No more loose skin, and my curves look so much better.”
- Natalie T., Hickory Creek, TX on Yelp

Jan 17, 2017


“I'm 2 weeks post OP. I will update my review in 2 months as well but I had to review now. First off, I'm so utterly thankful I chose Dr. Giraldo and his staff. I am a business woman so I did my homework. I even had a friend that worked for a local (very well known dr. in Frisco). No names mentioned. I am in the vanity world. It's what I do for a living and I'm good at it. So, I spent hours looking at Dr. Giraldo's work. Before and afters. I would go back and forth to the top 3 dr's in the area and every single time I would go back to Dr. Giraldo's site. So, I did it. I went to a consult. I was sold immediately when we started talking about the details of the abdomen, the sculpting, his artistry and how he takes great care in making sure every single detail is addressed. And, I was astounded at his honesty when pursuing other plastic surgeries I easily could have had him do. However, he loves the human body and it's features. I could hear his passion in his voice and how he really wants his patients to look authentic, natural -- not disproportioned. He keeps the belly line unlike most dr's square off a tummy tuck patient. Leaving zero sculpting or femininity to their body. So--I go back again for a 2nd consult. Asked more questions. 3rd consult...(yes, this is a busy doctor that has patients in his lobby every single time I go and yet I feel as if I'm the only one in the consult room, not rushed). I book the surgery. FULL TUMMY TUCK+LIPO. The surgery day was amazing. Dr. Giraldo understood I struggled with anxiety. I always have since my special needs child was born. Medically speaking. He took it slow, encouraged me and his staff was equally as accommodating. I am just thrilled. I can see already that when my post surgery swelling goes down (which Dr. Giraldo took amazing time to show me the swelling process and the time it takes - once again taking the time to set up the exceptions of what to expect visually and verbally) I will look absolutely phenomenal. I think it's safe to say if there were 10 stars on this Facebook review platform he'd get this from me. I'm utterly amazed at the customer service from his staff and the attentiveness to each and every concern. I will refer this Dr./his team to every single woman I know that wants their bodies to look sculpted and naturally customized to their body shape. He's a true artist.”
- Andrea Skinner Hughes on Facebook

Jan 3, 2017


“Liposculpting + Tummy Tuck + Fat Transfer to the Butt”
“I'm a 27 year old mother of 3 and decided it was time to be happy with my body again. I started off by losing 40 lbs and then I was ready to have the surgery. Dr and staff were on point with every question and detail and made me feel very comfortable. Surgery started at 8am and my husband came to pick me up at 9pm. The dr does a technique where he does not use general anesthesia, just local but gave me a cocktail of medications to help keep me comfortable and asleep for the duration of the surgery. Healing for the tummy tuck was honestly a breeze, it was the fat transfer that was the most painful to me. Not sure why, it was just a pulsing/pained feeling in my butt cheeks. And not being able to sit on my butt for 6 weeks was soo frustrating but definitely worth it. I'm beyond happy with my results and I CAN NOT WAIT to wear a bikini for the first time again in 7 years. By the way I would definitely recommend getting crutches to use for after the surgery because you are unable to stand straight up right away so walking like that can hurt your lower back and the crutches can take some of the tension off of it.”
- natalieblack18 on RealSelf

Dec 30, 2016


“Amazing results after procedure. Able to drive and do my daily activities now!”
“I was nervous at first phlebectomy. I had a consult in 2007 with another physician but never did the procedure. After meeting Dr Giraldo I felt very comfortable with him and I'm so glad I had it done. He used local anesthesia so I was alert, able to drive myself home and do my daily tasks. The staff is nice, attentive and professional. The staff and doctor make sure that the patient comes first! It is nice not having to go to a hospital. I felt so much more relaxed and comfortable. I'm looking forward to having cosmetic procedures in the future with Dr Giraldo”
- Lisa. P. on Doctor.com

Dec 14, 2016


“None Surgical Vaginal Rejuvenation - Frisco, TX”
“So I decided I wanted to do this because I hated how my outer lips were "deflated" looking. I'm assuming that's from having 3 children since I didn't always look like that. I went into Dr. Giraldo's office and felt very comfortable as soon as I got there and through out the entire procedure. No anesthesia needed. No pain with it, just when they were doing the inside it was a little uncomfortable because of the pressure, and with the outside it got a little hot at times but I would just tell the lady doing the treatment that it was getting hot and she would move off that area for a moment. It's a 30 minute long procedure. 20 minutes on the inside and 10 on the outside and it was INSTANT results. I bought it in a package of 3 (recommended) and I'm already so happy with just my first session. No downtime, and I feel completely normal down there. Almost as if I hadn't just had a procedure done there.”
- natalieblack18 on RealSelf

Nov 11, 2016


“I don't think I could be happier with the results of my procedure. There is nothing I would change.”
“I had pondered forever to do a few adjustments to my body but always talked myself out of it. I felt I was being vain and shallow until finally one day a friend brought me with her to her appointment with Dr. Giraldo. we spoke casually about some of my concerns. He validated everything I was feeling and made me feel confident that I was not alone. I had a consultation and wanted to move forward with a liposuction and fat transfer to the breast. I was too afraid and waited more than a year thinking about the procedure before asking for another consultation with Dr. Giraldo. Finally, I went through with the surgery and I cannot be happier with my results. Before, during and after the surgery was an excellent experience. Dr. Giraldo is so professional and his staff as well. I asked a million questions and they always answered every single one of them with kindness and understanding. I would refer anyone to this office knowing they will receive the best and warmest treatment possible. I have returned for botox and lip injections which I am extremely content with. After seeing so many of my friends surgeries I was sure I didn't want to move forward with breast implants/liposuction/botox and lip injections. I didn't want that fake breast implant look or scary botox look. I wanted to look natural. The only thing I wish more than anything...is that I wouldn't have been so afraid and waited so long to have Dr. Giraldo do my procedure. I am so happy. I love my body now. If there is one thing I could say to someone thinking about any type of cosmetic surgery is to not wait and DO not be afraid, Do it today and don't look back. You will absolutely love your results.”
- Anonymous on Doctor.com

Nov 11, 2016


“Very satisfied patient since 2013”
“Have been a patient since 2013, very professional staff and Doctor. Would highly recommend.”
- Anna H. on Doctor.com

Oct 19, 2016


“I just finished vein therapy on my leg with Dr Giraldo and I'm very pleased with the results. He injected saline to remove my spider veins. It took about 9 months for the full results to become visible. Glad I chose this option with his direction rather than laser. The staff is very personable and friendly. I would highly recommend.”
- Debra R., Frisco, TX on Yelp

Oct 17, 2016


“Had a neck lift done and I feel like a whole new person! I'm so happy with the results, I can't stop looking in the mirror!”
- Natalie Taylor on Facebook

Oct 11, 2016


“Dr. Mauricio Giraldo is a very knowledgeable, compassionate, friendly, caring and professional surgeon. His kindness is unbelievable and his work is excellent. Not only he and his staff welcomed me so warmly but treated me above and beyond my expectations. Very Highly Recommended!”
- Coca Seamus on Facebook

Oct 10, 2016


“perfect surgeon” “i am a very picky person and a perfectionist...it took me a year to find perfect surgeon like Dr. Giraldo..i can bet you cannot find better surgeon than him. i love his work..he gave me body i been dreaming all my life. He explained me everything really well before surgery and answered all my questions very patiently. before and after surgery him and his staff were very helpful and always available. they made the whole process very easy for me....i got aqualiop and fat transfer to my butt ....i dint get a single stich and there are barely any scars on my body from the surgery.. hes the only surgeon i would highly recommend to my family and friends. 3 of my friends are already scheduled with him after seeing my results...in the end all i can say is i am very satisfied patient and Dr Giraldo is AWESOME AWESOME”
- Anonymous on Doctor.com

Oct 5, 2016


“I had a Platysmaplasty w/ lipo (neck lift) and honestly it has changed my life dramatically. It has only been 13 days and I already see amazing results! Actually, the results were instant, but I had plenty of swelling. Best thing I have ever invested in!”
- Natalie T., Hickory Creek, TX on Yelp

Sep 28, 2016


“I saw Dr. Giraldo for him to fix my neck. My mom blessed me with a "waddle" that her mom blessed her with. Dr. Giraldo was able to make me actually have a defined jaw line for the first time since I was a little kid. I have so much more confidence now and I couldn't be any happier!! He exceeded any expectation I ever had with my results. The picture I have uploaded for results was only 4 days post. Already an amazing difference. I will upload more updated pictures as time goes by.”
- natalieblack18 on RealSelf

Sep 6, 2016


“Can't believe how great I look, truly a miracle. Everyone at the office was phenomenal, and Dr. Giraldo is a true artist. I went from an abdominal area I couldn't ever hide even in a Muumuu Dress to wearing a bikini! I will forever be grateful, and the best part was how QUICKLY I recovered, and with minimal discomfort. LOVE the decision I made!”
- Amy R. on Doctor.com

Aug 31, 2016


“I got a LIPO and a BBL, and the experience was great!"
“I got a LIPO and a BBL and the experience was great! The staff was always friendly and welcomed me by my name every time! The doctor is truly caring, patient, and an artist when it comes to this type of work.”
- M. B. on Doctor.com

Mar 28, 2016


“Excellent service and post-op care!”
“My experience with Dr. Giraldo was excellent. I searched a long time for a doctor that I would be comfortable with and I'm so glad I chose him. The service was top notch and I was very satisfied with the doctor's knowledge and expertise. The information he provided during my initial consultation made me very comfortable going in for the procedure and everything went just as he had described. I am also very happy that he monitored my progress post-op up to 1 year.”
- M. R. on Doctor.com

Mar 24, 2016


“Dr. Giraldo is hands down the most caring, attentive and professional doctor I have ever met. I recently had Aqualipo and a Brazilian butt lift surgery and I could not be more excited and happier with the results. He and his staff walked me through absolutely any question I had. He is meticulous and takes a lot of pride in his work which made me feel very comfortable. I would highly recommend Dr. Giraldo to anyone thinking of having this type of surgery. He is the BEST!!”
- Momof3 in Frisco, TX on Healthgrades

Mar 22, 2016


“After pregnancy and having an c-section, i was very insecure about my body. Mainly, my stomach. I knew from my first consultation visit that he would be the doctor to change my life! Dr Giraldo gave me my dream body removing my excess skin, shaping and sculpting my body just as i imagined! I was really nervous about having my surgery, Dr Giraldo and his staff made the process much easier, they made me feel safe and very welcomed. Before surgery Dr. Giraldo made sure i was very aware and informed about my surgery and i cannot thank him enough for making me feel beautiful again!! I am beyond happy with my results and i highly recommend Dr. Giraldo to everyone!!”
- Johnson M. on Doctor.com

Mar 21, 2016


"esta escrito en espanol porque se que hay muchas mujeres Latinas que piensan hacer un gran cambio en su vida y quiero decirles que estan en el lugar perfecto aqui en Medilaser. mi experiencia fue de lo major. yo se los puedo recomendar al 100% . Yo soy una persona muy miedosa para todo aquello de las cirujias,doctres,meicinas y eso. El dr me dio la confianza y se tomo el tiempo para responder a mis 1000 dudas. El dia dela evaluacion que fue completamente gratuita llegue con miedos y sali decidida a hacer ese cambio. Lo que mas me gusto... Anestecia local: esto me gusto porque estas solamente sedada pero no completamente dormida, Sales el mismo dia de la clinica y sin dolor. mi cirujia fue el jueves, y para el lunes ya andaba muy bien. regrese a trabajar a los 5 dias despues de mi operacion, y sin dolor. . Yo se los recomiendo con toda confianza el doctor, el personal dan la confianza de sentirte en familia cuando estas ahi."
- Adriana Sosa on Google+

Mar 18, 2016


Exceptional experience with Dr. Giraldo
“This could not have been a better experience. The procedure was very well explained and the results are amazing. I have suggested Dr. Giraldo to friends and neighbors and they have experienced the same terrific results.”
- Brian S. on Doctor.com

Jan 26, 2016


“True Life Saver”
"I was beyond impressed with my experience at Doctor Giraldo's office. My first visit with Doctor Giraldo I was completely blown away by how helpful and kind he was. His staff was extremely helpful and answered all my questions. The day of my consultation I felt so comfortable that I scheduled my appointment for liposuction. There was never an issue with scheduling or talking to a staff member. The day of my surgery I felt so happy and comfortable for new beginnings. I couldn't be happier with the results only three weeks out from my surgical date. With time it will only get better. I have done my research on other cosmetic surgeons, but TRULY Doctor Mauricio Giraldo is the BEST."
- R. B. on Doctor.com

Jan 19, 2016


“You are truly part of the family. Doctor Giraldo and his staff are always available to answer questions and have patience of angels. Dr. Giraldo and his staff are very easy to work with and I never felt rushed. I was so comfortable working with Dr. G that it he was the best decision I have ever made.”
- Return client for life in Fort Worth, Texas on Healthgrades



“Dr Giraldo did my thigh lipo four years ago now, I have never looked better. I could finally wear pants that are in style. I was so thrilled, a year later he did my love handles and abdomen, I love my shape now! So last year 6 months before my thirty year reunion I got the Silhouette Face Lift and everyone said I look exactly the same as in high school :0) I love Dr Giraldo and Medilaser, he is a true artist with his lipos and sooo nice! his staff is wonderful and caring too! I'm already planning my next service!”
- Tina T. on Google+

Oct 16, 2015

"Body Contouring & Lipo"
"I need to tell any woman who is unhappy with their shape to make an appointment now. Do not hesitate or have second thoughts which I understand is normal because we all do. Doctor Giraldo is not only a doctor he is an artist! Doctor Giraldo has the ability to see what areas of a woman's body that he can improve so that it actually compliments other areas of your body making them seem nicer too! I was 49 at the time I went to see him and I was so unhappy with a procedure I had done a year and a half prior by a different doctor. So you see if anyone should be hesitant it would be me. Well I scheduled an appointment with Doctor Giraldo and explained to him what areas were bothering me and how I felt I looked worse than I did prior to having this procedure done by another doctor. I had lipo suction throughout my thighs and transferred to the buttocks for a fuller look. After the procures all I could focus on was how my legs seems worse and my buttocks looked like two round balls with no shape. I started getting depressed after a year and no change except for noticing one hip was sticking out more than the other. I tried shopping for clothes to cover it up but nothing worked. I was never a night time snacker but after trying to exercise with no change I gave up. I found myself depressed and waking up all hours of the night looking in the mirror then giving up heading to the fridge to snack on junk food. This was not me because I never had a weight issue but now my body seemed deformed and I did not think there was any hope. I researched looking for a doctor who did lipo suction with smooth results. I came across Doctor Giraldo and made an appointment. He was completely honest with me. My eyes could only see the bumps that I never had prior to my past experience and I was determined that this was the area that needed the most work. DR. Giraldo saw what I could not and explained how he could take the focus away from where my mind was thinking my worst area was and show and correct the abdominal area giving me a beautiful stomach and also the V on from my inner thigh up around my hip making my stomach look beautiful and like I've lifted weights and did sit up for years. He also curved my top of buttocks into my back making it look like natural plump sexy buttocks. At first I walked away sad because all I wanted was my legs fixed but I decided to trust one more time and I am so happy that I did!!! I am going to be 50 in a few months and recently took a picture while on vacation. I have 4 children my oldest 29 youngest 16 and when they saw the picture one of my daughters friends commented "wow mama look at those abs!" As far as my legs they really are not as bad as I thought. I have to say for a 50 year old woman Dr. Giraldo gave me the shape of a 30 year old and I look like I never had 4 children. I will be more than happy to show my results to anyone making an appointment who is skeptical. I found my fountain of youth. I no longer get up eating in middle of night and I don't spend hours looking in mirrors or shopping for clothes to cover my flaws. To be honest I am planning on getting a little work on my face and I am so happy that as a women I can now age gracefully and am in control of my life again. I will never go anywhere else. I found the best and I recommend Doctor Giraldo to everyone including my daughter who decided she had her last baby and is ready to get her body back. Exercise is wonderful but we all know it does not fix what happens to women after having babies. Thank you Doctor Giraldo and your assistant for making me feel so at ease. I am coming back!!"
- Joan C. from email testimonial

Oct 15, 2015

“Best Experience ever”
“I couldn't be more happy about the results. Dr. Giraldo and staff are very professional. I love my new body and the most important it looks natural.”
- Isabel G. on Doctor.com

Oct 7, 2015

“Excellent Surgeon!”
“If I can describe Dr. Giraldo in one word that word would be EXCELLENCE! I met Dr. Giraldo through a friend of mine who had surgery a year prior to my surgery. When she showed me her amazing results I knew then I wanted to meet Dr. Giraldo. From the moment I walked in his office I was greeted by the most amazing staff. The office environment was very relaxing and everyone was so helpful and professional with big smiles on their faces, I felt right at home! My consultation with Dr. Giraldo went great. I explained to him the procedures I wanted and he gave me the feedback I needed. While he was explaining the process of each procedure and showing me the results of other patients I knew then he was going to be my [cosmetic] surgeon. I mean, I was amazed at how beautiful those Tummy tucks were done on all those different patients. All those stomachs looked amazing and the line of the incisions were so thin and very low on the abdominal area. I had waited years looking for the right surgeon and I finally found him! I remember that I even cried at the end of my consultation I was just so excited. That same day I schedule my pre-op appointment and the rest is history. The night before my surgery I didn't even sleep thinking about how amazing I was going to look after my surgery. Finally, the day of my surgery! From the moment I walked in the office I felt as if I was taken care of by my own family. The procedure went great there were no complications and my recovery was fast. I got out the office walking with no pain and conscious of my surroundings. The fourth day after my surgery I was doing my regular chores at home with no complications. It's been three months since my surgery and my results are AMAZING!! I have my confidence back and that is all thanks to the great work of Dr. Giraldo and the help of his amazing staff. I highly recommend Dr. Giraldo for anyone that is looking to undergo [Cosmetic] surgery in the state of Texas.”
- Yasmin Munoz, Arlington, TX on Yelp and Vitals

Oct 7, 2015

"Best in town”
“I saw Dr Giraldo with complaints of sun damage, skin discoloration, and mild acne scars on my face. He treated me with one chemical peel and with the use of the Giraldo MD products my skin was back to baby smooth and no more signs of any discoloration or sun damage. I was so happy with my results and the way he connected with me on a more personal level than most doctors care about, I returned promptly for more treatments. I received xeomin for my wrinkles in my forehead and crowsfeet and had laser hair removal for my stubborn underarm hairs. Being a patient at Medilaser has been the most pleasant experience!”
- Brittany M. on Doctor.com

Oct 6, 2015

- Tiffany J. on Citysearch

Oct 5, 2015

"Quick and painless mole removal"
"Dr. Giraldo removed several moles that had bothered me for years. He explained how easy the procedure would be and urged me to make the appointment (knowing I'd procrastinate! LOL!) I'm glad he did. They're all GONE. Quick and painlessly."
- Julie S. on Doctor.com

Sep 26, 2015

“I had a wart in my forehead for a couple of months, who was stubborn and refusing to budge. That's normal. Sometimes it takes several treatments. I heard about Dr. Giraldo and his Laser to quickly remove moles and birthmarks, I went there based on two friends previous experiences and wasn't disappointed. Doc spent plenty of time with me and answer all my questions about the treatment and recovery process. The procedure was painless and extremely fast, (less than an hour) and I don't have any marks after that. Because is considered cosmetic surgery the insurance doesn't cover me, but the Doc have affordable prices. This place was amazing, super nice and professional crews, I'm very satisfied and already I've recommended him to five friends.”
- Alex S. Gargurevich on Facebook

Aug 2015

“I see Dr. Giraldo's clients post surgery for advanced lymphatic drainage. They have very little soreness or swelling. Usually, in 1-3 visits they are done. He checks them post surgery and doesn't allow them to come until they are several wks. into their healing. He is very safe, very accurate and watches them like a hawk. I would highly recommend his work. I would love to have him do my cosmetic surgery. Janet Murray, Abundant Life Medical Massage, Reflexology, Nutrition in W. Plano.”
- Janet Murray on Google+

Aug 5, 2015

"Amazing! Very pleased!"
"Five stars all around!"
- Anonymous on Doctor.com

Jul 15, 2015

"Excellent Experience - I highly recommend Dr. Giraldo!"
"Dr. Giraldo is an extremely knowledgeable and caring doctor. He is very attentive to each patient's needs with a conservative approach keeping your overall mental and physical health as a priority. He and his staff went out of his way to assure me of the best medical attention possible."
- Anonymous on Doctor.com

Jul 15, 2015

"Love it"
"Love it."
- Anonymous on Doctor.com

May 12, 2015

"I love it"
"I love it. Dr Giraldo and all staff is great and results are just amazing."
- Yolanda R. on Doctor.com

May 6, 2015

"Great to find a caring doctor after moving away from my hometown! I thought it would be hard to find a [cosmetic] surgeon in my new town who can help me with "maintenance" but this doctor is right in my backyard! He takes time with you to figure out the best not the most costly solution! He just wants you to look beautiful, not take your money! I highly recommend and will continue to go to him for years to come!"
- Chaya B., Chicago, IL on Yelp

Mar 11, 2015

"I'm so happy with my results"
"I'm so happy to be free of varicose veins and so lucky that I found Dr. Giraldo who is the best Doctor to solve my medical issues. I highly recommend him to anyone who has varicose veins or any type of skin problems. He is so professional, has years of experience in cosmetic surgery, he is friendly and offers affordable prices. His staff are also professional and friendly, they work with you all the time."
- Rosa H. on Doctor.com

Feb 20, 2015

"Dr Giraldo is the Best!"
"I travel from California to see him. The best doctor I have ever had for facial cosmetic treatments and maintenance. He is the only doctor I will allow to treat my face."
- Anonymous on Doctor.com

Feb 19, 2015

"Just experienced the Thermirf"
"Just experienced the treatment; very comfortable during treatment and already see results! Highly recommend it! Dr Giraldo and his Staff ensure the entire procedure is described and you are prepared for your treatment. During the treatment they ensure you are comfortable and as a physician he personalizes the treatment for the specific outcome you desire."
- L. T. on Doctor.com

Feb 17, 2015

"Love my Results"
"The staff is exceptional! My results are amazing and natural!"
- Marlen C. on Doctor.com

Feb 17, 2015

"Wow! Excellent service, Dr Giraldo is knowledgeable, professional and experienced. His staff is very helpful and pleasant. Very nice and professional Clinic."
- Joe R. on Yelp


“I get so many compliments on his work, first and foremost, and I'm not even through being swollen. He is a genius in his field, and the staff/doctor are beyond caring/courteous. If you are debating on whether to visit, the answer is yes.”
- Tanya Stafford on Google+

Dec 16, 2014

"KUDOS - 10 out of 10"
"I can't think of a more important time in my life to make the RIGHT decision the FIRST TIME! Dr. Giraldo is not only honest and fair, he is a true ARTIST. He has tremendous passion for what he does and genuine CONCERN and CARE for his clients. I will never go anywhere else for cosmetic surgery"
- Georgia on Vitals

Dec 16, 2014

"I was referred to Dr. Giraldo by a friend. I can't think of a more important time in my life to make the RIGHT decision the FIRST TIME! Dr. Giraldo is not only honest and fair, he is a true ARTIST. He has tremendous passion for what he does and genuine CONCERN and CARE for his clients. I will never go anywhere else for cosmetic surgery. I had aqua liposuction, brazilian butt lift and laser hair removal. 10 out of 10 !!! I am thrilled with the results. His staff are very conscientious and delightful. I felt very taken care of. Very lucky to have him in our town. I will never go anywhere else!"
- Georgia M., Frisco, TX on Yelp

Oct 29, 2014

"I had what I consider minor lipo done when I was 37 (only a 2 liter pop bottle worth), it's nice to have my abs back like when I was 25! You only live once, and I got to erase a decade of wings/beer, it was the best way ever that I spent my tax return. If your on the fence about it, I say, Go for it!"
- Mark F., Cranberry Twp, PA on Yelp

Sep 9, 2014

"I am 3 months out from my surgery of a tummy tuck and I could not be happier. Great care and service from the entire staff. A great investment, I love the way I look."
- Kristie C., Plano, TX on Yelp

Aug 18, 2014

"Dr. Giraldo, and his team, are brilliant. I live in Hurst and chose to DRIVE to his facility, based on the recommendation of a girlfriend (previous patient of his). Not only is he a very gifted surgeon, he cares what people think of his practice. I have already referred a couple MORE girlfriends to them and will continue to do so."
- Tanya S., Hurst, TX on Yelp

Jul 21, 2014

"I have been to Medilaser multiple times. I love Dr. Giraldo and his staff. His bedside manner is wonderful and his staff is very friendly and goes out of their way to make you feel comfortable. I feel that Dr. Giraldo truly places the patient first and profit second as there have been several times that he has told me that what I was requesting was either unnecessary or that I needed to wait a few months. I would highly recommend Dr Giraldo!"
- Cynthia B. on Citysearch and Google+

May 7, 2014

"Very Happy with Dr. Giraldo's work, I started as a botox patient, then received a Micro laser peel, but most recently had some mommy make-over work done!! After having kids I can confidently say I am happier with my body then before having kids!! Thank you to Dr. G & his wonderful staff for always making me feel so welcome & comfortable.
Happy Frisco Soccer MOM!!"
- Soccer M. on Citysearch

Mar 24, 2014

"Completely satisfied with the entire process. The staff was extremely friendly and assisted me with any and all of my questions. The follow-ups the doctor provided made me feel at ease as he walked me through each step before and after my surgery. I would recommend this facility to anyone who is looking for any type of cosmetic surgery. This is a doctor who takes pride in his work. I personally had the aqualipo and tummy tuck done and couldn't be more happier. I have the body I have always wanted and the confidence I have always desired. Thank you Medilaser!!"
- Grace M., Lewisville, TX on Yelp

Feb 9, 2014

"He tenido una transformacion impresionante. Gracias al Dr Giraldo y su staff quienes me han acompañado en el proceso, hoy en día me siento bella y con confianza de nuevo. Inicie un tratamiento para la reduccion del vello y la eliminacionde manchas de acne y del sol en la cara, el pecho y la espalda. Hoy me siento completamente satisfecha con los resultados. La piel se nota tersa, limpia y sana. Estoy muy agradecedida con el Doctor. Medilaser es una clinica de un muy alto nivel en sus equipos, de profesionalismo de sus empleados yel servicio es de alta calidad. El Doctor Mauricio Giraldo es un médico en el que desposito toda mi confianza pues sé que EN MEJORES MANOS NO PUEDO ESTAR. GRACIAS INFINITAS! SUPER RECOMENDADA!"
- Diana P., Frisco, TX on Yelp

Feb 9, 2014

"Dr G is a very professional doctor. You'll love him. I am a new woman after receiving their skin treatments. Very very recommended :)"
- Diana P. on Citysearch

Jan 6, 2014

"The name is misleading that this is a laser place run by techs. It is run by a Harvard trained MD. The Dr is great and takes a lot of time to explain everything to you. He really cares about his patients. GREAT treatment. Highly recommend!"
- Tracy R., Plano, TX on Yelp


“I found Medilaser Surgery and Vein Center referenced as the closest surgery and vein center closest to my place of residence as I researched the internet for doctors who may be able to diagnose and treat my leg cramps. As a long distance jogger since junior high many years ago, I learned that the Great Saphenous Vein becomes incompetent to transfer blood back to the heart and must be treated so the blood will circumvent to other veins and resume a normal flow.

The Medilaser staff was courteous, efficient, and knowledgeable about how to meet my medical needs and handle the insurance. The surgeon was immediately knowledgeable about my condition and able to educate me about the most efficient minimally invasive procedure known as the VNUS RF Vein Ablation technique. Dr. Giraldo has the best equipment and I know this because I found the equipment he would be using for my condition listed as the best in its class on the various websites about my procedure.

I opted to have procedure done on my left leg on a Wednesday and the right leg this past Friday. I did not have to even take a sedative on either procedure because the knowledge I gain via the internet on this particular procedure enabled me to understand what was going on and why and what the expected outcome would be. Dr. Giraldo is always informing you on what he is doing and what you can expect on the procedure in terms of any minor temporary needle injection in some cases.

The surgeon and staff were able to answer my questions or concerns.

I would highly recommend Dr. Mauricio Giraldo MD to anyone requiring the services that he provides. He and his staff is courteous and knowledgeable."
- Stefan Hearst on Google+

Oct 8, 2013

"Very Happy"
"You will love Dr Giraldo as your doctor."
- sandra e. on Citysearch

Aug 23, 2013

"Fat Transfer To Breast"
"I had liposuction with fat transfer to the breast and I am extremely pleased with my results. I gained a full cup size and feel firmer. I also have more cleavage where there was volume loss prior to surgery. Dr. Giraldo and his staff couldn't be any nicer or caring, they were WONDERFUL!!! Before and after surgery. I was pleasantly surprised at how easy the recovery was also, I was back to work in 3 days with no problem at all."
- Anonymous on Vitals

Aug 20, 2013

"I was welcomed with open arms into a team that works very well together. Dr. G was insightful and organized and listened to my concerns. He answered every question and made useful suggestions that I have employed. I highly recommend this practice, staff and of course Dr. Giraldo."
- Sharon N., Frisco, TX on Yelp

Aug 1, 2013

"The best thing that has happened to me is meeting Dr. Mauricio Giraldo and his staff. He did a Tummy tuck and Aqua lipo on me on July 8, 2013. I have never had any pain and have recovered wonderfully. I have lost 8 pounds and gone down a size in my clothes and it has not been a month since I had the surgery. Dr Giraldo and his staff are so professional and caring that they make you feel as tho you are the most important patient they have. This procedure has changed my life and made me feel so much better about my self. I would highly recommend Dr. Giraldo to anyone. I am a much happier person since I had this procedure. My friends say that they have never seen me look happier. I no longer feel depressed about my looks and I am more confident."
- Pat T. on Citysearch

Jul 10, 2013

"I have gotten to know Dr. Giraldo the past few months and really love his work. He has done fillers on my face and lips and I look like 10 years younger than I did. I am 40 and look 25 now because of him! I did a chemical peel yesterday and my face is already so smooth, soft and glowing! I highly recommend anyone going to see him for any of your cosmetic needs. He is so nice, personal, patient, kind and educates you through all of your services. The staff is amazing and the office is very warm and professional! I can't wait to have Dr. Giraldo correct some things I had gotten done through a PLASTIC surgeon that did a terrible job on my tummy tuck and my breasts! I have seen Dr. Giraldo's work and he is AMAZING!!!!"
- shelly s. on Citysearch

Mar 27, 2013

"I highly recommend Dr. Giraldo! Recently I underwent a minimal incision brachioplasty or Mini brachioplasty performed by Dr. Mauricio Giraldo of Medilaser Cosmetic Surgery and Vein Center. I was tired of the excess skin and lack of tone in my upper arm and Dr. Giraldo suggested the procedure along with liposuction, to get rid of excess fat, while encouraging the skin tightening. In order to perform this procedure, Dr. Giraldo made an incision in my arm pit in an existing fold. I am so happy with the results. I am no longer embarrassed to wear a sleeveless top. Before the procedure, I would not consider wearing anything sleeveless out in public. Dare I say, now, my arms may even look toned! I love the results. Best decision ever! Dr. Giraldo and all of his staff are tremendous."
- Linda Y. on Citysearch

Mar 17, 2013

"Veins removed"
"I recently went to Medilaser Surgery and Vein Center. Dr. Giraldo removed my dark blue veins in my legs with very little discomfort. The vein behind my knee throbbed when I exercised. It is now very lite blue and should go completely away soon. Looking forward to wearing shorts again."
- Yl W on Mojopages

Dec 3, 2012

"Recently I underwent a minimal incsion brachioplasty or Mini brachioplasty performed by Dr. Mauricio Giraldo of Medilaser Cosmetic Surgery and Vein Center. I was tired of the excess skin and lack of tone in my upper arm and Dr. Giraldo suggested the procedure along with liposuction, to get rid of excess fat, while encouraging the skin tightening. In order to perform this procedure, Dr. Giraldo made an incision in my armpit in an existing fold. I am so happy with the results. I am no longer embarrassed to wear a sleeveless top. Before the procedure, I would not consider wearing anything sleeveless out in public. Dare I say, now, my arms may even look toned! I love the results. Best decision ever! Dr. Giraldo and all of his staff are tremendous."
- Linda Y. on Yelp

Nov 2, 2012

"I am 46 years old and I look superb all due to Dr. Giraldo!!! I started to be his patient about 3 years ago and I had several procedures done such as: tummy liposuction, back lipo with brazilian butt lift, several botox and radiesse procedures and lip implant. I am a different person now, happy with myself and confident. Dr. Giraldo did the procedures brilliantly, he is caring, professional, very knowledgeable and I trust him with my life. He is more than a cosmetic surgeon, he is an artist. I would like to sincerely recommend him to anyone that wants to truly look beautiful."
- juliagramada on Citysearch

Apr 3, 2012

"Varicose Veins Treatment"
"I have been struggling from prominent varicose veins for many years and that also led to problems in my circulation; Walking and standing up for a few hours was almost impossible because the pain was just unbearable. Over the counter medications was not helping me with the pain so I decided to end this terrible pain and also fix the aspect of my legs because of the varicose veins it was impossible to wear shorts!. From the first time I met Dr. Giraldo I knew I came to the right place. He was very welcoming and explained everything in detail so there was not any confusion during or after the treatment. He performed a Venous Closure. By the end of the Procedure I was walking! No down time and the pain just went away in a week! Right now he is still working on the superficial veins which takes time but by now my legs show no sign of varicose veins! He is a very experienced Doctor and will make you feel as comfortable as possible. Dr. Giraldo also speaks Spanish which made me even more comfortable because now I could feel free to ask any questions and I could understand everything better. His staff is super nice and is always in contact with me making sure I am doing well. I Strongly recommend Dr. Giraldo if you are planning to do a cosmetic surgery or even a little touch up! He is the best Doctor you can find around the North Texas region."
- Rubiela M. on Citysearch

Feb 4, 2012

"My husband has been suffering from Restless Leg Syndrome (RLS) for over 5 years. At first, the doctors did not want to go over options with him because he was only 35. After a few months of suffering, he was prescribed Mirapex. The Mirapex had to be taken every day. Even though he took the Mirapex, he would get occasional leg twitches. He always had to remember to take the Mirapex because if he forgot just one day, he wouldn't be able to sleep that night. If he didn't sleep, then I didn't sleep. I spoke to someone at the Vein Center and they advised that a RF Ablation procedure would help. I was very skeptical at first because I was afraid that it would not work. My husband first went in for a Doppler Ultrasound that was performed by a registered Vascular ultrasound technologist. This appointment took 45 minutes and after the appointment, we had learned that my husband had venous reflux. This meant that the blood was flowing in the wrong direction causing him all of his symptoms, including the RLS. My husband then had the RF Ablation done on his legs about 2 months ago. Since the procedure, he no longer has to take Mirapex!! His RLS has went away completely. Imagine all of your nights of interrupted sleep turned into a great nights sleep. My husband and I are so thrilled that we were informed about this center and its treatment. The doctors told my husband that the only treatment was an oral medication that he had to take the rest of his life. At 35 years old....that seemed like forever. Now he is so excited and so am I!! Thank You Vein Center."
- Tiffany J. on Citysearch

Jan 25, 2012

"I look younger without looking fake!"
"I feel so at home with this lovely group of people, Dr. Giraldo and his team really work together to care for their patients. It is very apparent that he puts his patients' needs first and truly listens to them. It is obvious that he cares about people first and foremost. I went in for botox and rushed out to a meeting that I had to facilitate! In most cases, my face would be red and have little needle marks but my face was flawless. No one even noticed. I didn't experience any bruising as I had with other Dr's. That is very important in my frenetic world. I want everyone to think I naturally look fabulous. I plan to go back for fillers as well. I know I'm in capable hands. Dr. Giraldo is my little secret!"
- thecnslor on Citysearch

Jan 9, 2012

"no scar face lift/ jowl lift"
"My 25 year reunion is this summer, I noticed my jowls have started to hang a lot the past couple years and made me look like my mother :o( Dr Giraldo did the silhouette mid-face/jowl lift and I love it! I showed my before and after pictures to a lot of people covering my eyes and asked how old the before picture looked and they said like 50's and the after everyone said early thirties. I feel so much better now, like that wasn't me anymore in the mirror and now it is again. I was back to work in three days, so only took a long weekend, but did go out over the weekend. It was much more comfortable than I expected. Dr Giraldo and his whole staff were so great and made me comfortable through the whole procedure. I recommend them to anyone."
- Giselle1001 on Citysearch

Sep 21, 2011

"Varicose Vein Surgery"
"I had suffered with pain in my legs for years. I had swelling in the bottom half of my legs and feet. I had been to several drs that would tell me I had the gout or some other diagnosis. I came to Dr Giraldo in so much pain, I can remember crying in the exam room. I had a Doppler exam and it was found that I had reflux disease. Everything made sense. I had the Vnus Closure procedure done right in the office and the pain is gone!!!!! No more swelling and more importantly no more pain! Dr Giraldo and his staff were patient with me, and explained everything so I could understand. I would recommend his vein center to anyone. Thanks Dr Giraldo!!!!"
- eeisler on Citysearch

Aug 17, 2011

"Trust and admiration . . ."
"Would recommend Dr. Giraldo to anyone. I feel fortunate to have been introduced to him, as he produces results you'll be proud of for a lifetime!"
- Kenner29 on Citysearch

Apr 4, 2011

"Best Surgeon EVER!!"
"I am a mother of 5 kids and have nursed all 5 of them, leaving my breasts saggy and my stomach less than flat. Previous surgery on an umbilical hernia also left my stomach more squared off instead of rounded. I have also always had extra fat on my sides that wouldn't go away no matter how much I exercised, so I was left with the "spare tire" look. I went in for a consultation for a tummy tuck and breast augmentation. During my consultation, Dr. Giraldo told me that there were new procedures that could be done without having such invasive surgery. He suggested that I have liposuction and a fat transfer to my breasts. After giving me all the facts about the surgery, he also encouraged me to research it myself to see if it was something I really wanted to try. Dr. Giraldo and his staff were very friendly and reassuring and ready to answer any questions I could come up with. They made me feel very comfortable and did not pressure me into making any speedy decisions. I went home a little skeptical but also relieved that the surgery he suggested was much less invasive than I thought. I scheduled an appointment for the surgery and was able to get in within a week. The results were absolutely AMAZING!!! I have the hour glass look on my sides, my stomach is flat, and my breasts are nice and full like they were when I was pregnant. I couldn't believe how natural it all looks and how short of time it took to recover. The surgery itself was only a few hours and I was back at work after 4 days. I could not have hoped for better results! Dr. Giraldo was so careful and precise. He took his time to be sure that I achieved the best possible result from my procedure. My self confidence is boosted, my husband loves my new look, and most of all, I feel like I look good. I even went and bought a 2 piece bathing suit for this summer!!! =)"
- HappyMomInFrisco on Citysearch

Jan 29, 2011

"Leg pain keeping you from good sleep?"
"For over twenty five years I fought leg pain and "charlie horse" muscle spasms when trying to sleep. Just rolling over in bed would cause terrible pain and wake me up. I feared a venous vein stripping and waited for new techniques to come along. Dr. Mauricio Giraldo of Medilaser in Frisco, TX, performed my vein closure procedure with local anesthetic and I drove myself home after the procedure. Both my legs were done at the same time and I recovered easily and quickly. I no longer have cramps in my legs or any pain when sleeping or exercising. Thank you Dr. Giraldo for your deft hands and exceptional skill. You are a kind humanitarian as well. I highly recommend this clinic and physician for varicose vein and cosmetic surgery work."
- Nikki R., North Plano on Citysearch


“We have been there a few times now for two different procedures and were very pleased. We would refer him to any of our friends or anyone else looking for great results. My husband suffers from "I have to have it right now" and they squeezed him in on one occasion and treated him immediately on another. The staff is very friendly and the prices are very reasonable as well.”
- A Google User on Google+

Jul 12, 2010

"Best cosmetic surgeon in metroplex"
"I've had Resurfacing, Juvederm and Botox procedures done at Medilaser Surgery and Vein Center and I couldn't be happier with my results. Dr. Giraldo is an expert in his field and he takes the time to explain each procedure and make you feel comfortable with your decisions. I feel like I look 20 years younger and I would recommend Medilaser to everyone. His staff is knowledgeable, professional and very friendly. I will be a patient of Dr. Giraldo's for years to come!"
- Stonebridge resident on Citysearch

Jul 12, 2010

"Best Cosmetic Surgeon in the area!!"
"I came to Medilaser to have my Varicose Veins looked at, and not only had them treated, but also ended up learning what incredible cosmetic surgeons Dr. Giraldo and Dr. Robinson are. I have 3 children, and nursed them all for almost 1 year each, and found that I was very self-conscious about how saggy my breast had become over the last 10 years. After learning of their skills and experience, as well as, their passion for perfectionism, I decided to have a breast lift. It was a fantastic result. I now can wear cute strapless tops without a bra...WOW! I'm a new woman! Thank you Medilaser!!"
- Happy McKinney Mom on Citysearch

Jun 21, 2010

"Medilaser is THE BEST"
"I couldn't be happier with all of my experiences at Medilaser. Dr. Giraldo is an absolute expert and his results are flawless. I would recommend Medilaser to absolutely anyone. I just keep going back. We are so lucky to have such a FANTASTIC resource so close to home here in North Dallas. You will NOT be disappointed!!"
- Amyefarrell on Citysearch

Apr 20, 2010

"MediLaser Surgery and Vein Center"
"I had liposculpture on my legs 5 months ago with Dr. Giraldo. The results have been excellent. Since the surgery I have lost over 20 pounds and 2 dress sizes. Esthetically the changes are dramatic. My health has improved for the better. Right after the surgery my knees stopped hurting, and now I am able to run and go up and down the stairs without difficulty. Before the surgery I was having problems with my periods and considering surgery. However since the liposculpture my periods are less heavy and less painful to the point that I am not considering surgery anymore. My Gynecologist explained to me that probably what happened was that with the removal of the fat, my estrogen levels are not as high any more and that has helped regulate my menstrual cycles. Loosing weight has also been easier after the liposculpture. I feel less hungry and more motivated to watch my diet and exercise. This procedure has been the greatest gift I have given to myself. I highly recommend this surgery to other patients. Dr. Giraldo and his staff are very caring, and they continue helping their patients with their weight loss goals after the surgery."
- Happy Customer 1000 on Citysearch

Mar 27, 2010

"Best in USA"
"I had liposuction done on my inner and outer thighs. Dr Giraldo is AMAZING!!!I didn't look this good when I was 20, and I am 43. Thank you to him and his wonderful, gentle staff.I only took Celebrex for 4 days after and after 6 days there was only a light yellow green bruising. I was happily surprised at how gentle and easy the procedure was, both during and after. Also I saved a lot over what the doctors in surgicenters charge. And Dr G trains other doctors in lipo, so I know he is the best.I recommend Medilaser to anyone!"
- Marylis on Kudzu

Jan 27, 2010

"Very pleased!"
"I went to MEDILASER to have resurfacing done on my face. The service I received was great! The staff was very kind, patient, and attentive, and my fees were less than I had quoted from other places. The results were life changing. I suffered from young adult acne that left mild scars on my face which left me a bit self conscious for many years. After one treatment I noticed such a change I feel it has given me my life back and am so very pleased!!! I can't wait to finish with another treatment!"
- Blessings7 on Citysearch

Jan 12, 2010

"Make you feel right at home!"
"I have been to Medilaser a few times now and have always been greeted with friendly service and a relaxing atmosphere. Dr. Giraldo took the time to listen to what I was looking for in my results and offered me several choices for my surgery. I would recommend this center for everything from Botox and fillers to vein treatments!"
- sats123 on Citysearch


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